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The vaccine gave me COVID. Maybe?...

No. I just did that to get your attention. But it sure felt like it!

So here's what really happened:

My wife and I both got COVID a t the same time in November. Coincidence? No. Conspiracy? ehhh.

So we both thought it'd be a good idea to go get the vaccine shot when it became available to us this last Friday.

Easy-Peasy. Didn't even feel the shot.

We were both ready for side effects, but went to bed Friday night feeling good, we made it through!

Then, it hit me at 3am. Fever, shivering, body aches, headache, ugghh.

Got worse all day Saturday, I was also so tired, no appetite...

Didn't start feeling better until Sunday afternoon.

Googled it and it said side effects could last 36 hours - YEP!

Oh, and my wife? Absolutely no side effects! And just to rub it in, she ate in front of me all day Saturday. She's a strange sense of humor, that one.

My take from all of this? Get the shot. :)

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