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The Big C

Really?! Again? Yes, I got it, again.

So here's the deal.

I was really good when Covid first reared it's ugly little Rono head. We did it all - stayed home, kept our grocery sacks in the garage for 24 hours, bought all the cute trendy masks, drank hand sanitizer. But we both still got the original C in November 2020.

Then we got our shots in February, my wife got a booster, we were good! Not.

Came home last Wednesday night feeling, not right, tested, and whoomp, there it is - The Big C! Felt like a zombie the next 2 days, wife got it also (which is weird cause we don't comingle our finances).

So now it's Monday night, Halloween, and I'm feeling better, but whoa, I wouldn't wish what I had on anybody!

That's why I put out a big sign in our front yard with a big C dripping blood that said - "This House Is Infected - STAY AWAY!" It worked. You can thank me later.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


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