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Over The Edge

So maybe I've lost my edge. My wine edge, that is.

I've considered myself a wine connoisseur for awhile now, because, well, I've drank (and tasted) a lot of wine. And, it's one of those monikers you can give yourself without justification. But here's mine.

I've hosted the "Uncorked" Wine Show on 1450KOKO Radio, I had a killer wine list(best in town) at my restaurant, Jaggy's, and I managed the only wine store in town, Wine/101. I was known as the wine guy in town. I got some game; at least I thought.

So when I took back a couple bottles of wine that I thought were bad to my local Buy Low, Sell High grocery/liquor store, I obviously assumed that they would believe me that the wine had turned. And these weren't your every-day wines. I had bought 2 bottles of the 2016 Conundrum White, at a discount price of $13.99 (I found out why) and was ready for a treat. I love Conundrum wines, carried them at my store, have tasted many versions through the years, I'll even order the white and red at a restaurant if it's on the list. So when I took that first taste, I was surprised. Ugh! So I took a second, and a third, nope, no good; I couldn't even drink the first glass I poured.

Back to story - I went in to said store the other day with the 2 bottles, fully expecting them to believe me and do what I had always done with my customers - let me return and swap out with something else(they get credit from their distributor, so they're not out the $$). I walked up to the counter to a young guy I didn't know, and asked for my old buddy, Tim(my old buddy & bartender Dave had retired from said store). He said, "I'm Tim." I thought, no you're not! He said, (old) Tim hasn't worked here for a long time. Regrouping, I thought, OK, young Tim will believe me cause, well, I'm the wine guy. So I explained that the wine had gone bad, couldn't even finish the first glass, and wondered if I could trade for something else.

You know that look you get when you say something to someone with conviction because you know what you're talking about, and they're like, yeah, no. Young Tim was not on my side. He proceeded to tell me that he and his distributor had tasted it, it was good, and he was surprised I didn't like it. Didn't like it, I was screaming in my head, it wasn't any good! That's when I realized, Young Tim does not know that I'm the wine guy, and I've lost. But to his credit, he must have felt sorry for (old) me, because he let me trade out both bottles for something else of equal value. I hastily made my choices, thanked him and zipped out before he could change his mind.

So I went back in to Buy Low, Sell High yesterday to look for something to go with pizza(yes you can!) and I couldn't believe my eyes - there was the 2016 Conundrum White still on the shelf at the big discounted price of $13.99! He didn't believe the wine guy!

That's when it hit me - I've lost my edge; I'm not the wine guy anymore.

But here's a free tip to all my old Tim's and Dave's out there who still believe I have a good palate and wine sense - don't buy the 2016 Conundrum White at any price from our local Buy Low, Sell High store - it's no good. You're welcome. Jaggy Jeff

P.S. Young Tim is a nice guy.

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