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Oh, And 1 More Thing

Happy Saturday everybody!

So when I started this blog thingy, I talked about the reasons why I would try it, and here's what I wrote:

"So here’s my thinking on this. I’d like to give this a shot, but in a little different way. I’d like this to be more of an ‘Ask Jaggy’ type of thing, an advice column of sorts, where I encourage you guys to ask me anything, I try to answer within a reasonable amount of time, and occasionally write another Blog. Let me tell you a little more about myself so you might consider me a source of information and advice, or at least interesting reading."

Then I proceeded to tell you more about me, including what I've done in my life, my experiences, expertise, education and colorful background. Here's what I wrote:

"I think of my life in chapters. I calculate I’m in about Chapter 14 (As you get to know me better you’ll understand why so many). Two things here: 1. This means that I have a lot of life experiences that might qualify me to give advice 2. I’m hoping it’s a big book."

"My work background also lends itself to helping dole out some good stuff once in a while. I’ve been a lawn maintenance worker, soda jerk, carpenter, roofer, farmhand, cattleman, janitor, groceryman, sales agent, district manager, radio dj, musician, actor, voiceover artist, restaurant owner, bartender, wine store manager, performing arts presenter and business & information specialist(these are just the things I’ve done that paid me, I have lots more, but I won’t bore you right now)."

So...I forgot 1 thing - I also worked in an audio/record store, where I sold audio equipment, installed CB Radios(remember?) and built 2 & 3-way home stereo speakers. Weird that I forgot that, because I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable in that area.

Ok, that makes me feel better. So, I invite you to join my site and follow me as a member, feel free to share with your friends, and I encourage anyone to drop me a line. Who knows, it might be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. (What's that line from?)


Jaggy Jeff™

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