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Never Not Working

So, I pulled the plug recently. I decided to leave the world of full-time work. See, I can't even say the R word.

But never fear, I'm still on 1450KOKO Radio and am building a recording studio, so be watching for developments here and at

Now that I have all this time on my hands, so my wife says, I've decided to get myself out there a little more. So I plan to make this blog a weekly thing, every Friday (uh oh, I wrote it so now I have to come through!)

Now the big news; for me, anyway. I've started my own podcast.

I've been Jaggy Jeff® on the radio at 1450KOKO for the last 20 years where I get to play lots of music and talk a little. But with a podcast I get to use my mic to talk more and let you know what and who I am, how I tick and what I think about, well, you know, stuff.

I'll also occasionally interview guests(only the interesting ones), all the while bringing my own weird brand of wit and humor(my publicist made me say that).

So please check out my blog and podcast(on Spotify & Amazon Music, and, What Would Jaggy Jeff® Say, every Friday.

Hey, I really do have something to say.

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