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More Than Coincidence - Much, Much More

So something happened to me on my Friday radio show and it really freaked me out; I'm getting chills just thinking about it again!

The other night I had a YouTube video pop up on my tv of the first Midnight Special TV show that aired on August 19,1972, so I watched it; yes, it was great! John Denver hosted, Mama Cass Elliot, Linda Ronstadt, War, Harry Chapin, Everly Brothers, Argent, Isley Brothers, David Clayton Thomas. I thought it would be great to talk about and play some of those artists on my Friday Fun Day show, so I previewed it on Thursday and was pumped to get into the studio Friday to put my show together.

First I need to tell you how our system works. @1450KOKO-AM radio is all computerized now; our software is set up to install the 24-hour log for each day. We've programmed it to include the news, weather, commercials and music(picked randomly from our library) in pre-determined slots and format. That means, even if I wasn't there, the computer would run automatically, we call it jukeboxing, so we are on the air at all times. But I can go in and change anything I want, so my show you hear 1pm-5pm Monday-Friday is programmed and set up by me.

Before my show started Friday I pulled all the songs we had that were on that Midnight Special pilot, it looked like I could play 2-3 songs each of my 4 hours, which would work perfectly. Then I thought, well to kick off my show I need to talk about it, then play my favorite version of the song "Midnight Special" by Credence Clearwater Revival.

Here's where it got weird - really, really weird.

I opened up the computer program to start building my show, and guess what song was already loaded in my very first set?!! Yes; I can't even say it.

You would not believe how weird I felt, I started hyperventilating(no I didn't, but I got the chills). I actually paced the floor, went back to look at the computer screen to make sure it was still there, then freaked out again!

So what you say - was it just coincidence? Or something else.

I mean come on, our computer can't read my mind...can it?

Jaggy Jeff

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