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Is That A Thing?

OK, this will be a little weird, but I'm gonna start with something that seems totally different from my main theme here, but bear with me, this is how my brain's synapses are flowing right now.

I come from a 'techy' family. I remember going through my grandpa's shed when I was a little kid, in awe of all the cool stuff; didn't know what it was, but the seemingly mountains of radios, recording devices and electronics was mesmerizing. So as it goes, his sons(my uncles) are big-time computer and techy guys, and my whole family is the kind who always has to have the newest and coolest latest technology. So it shouldn't surprise you that my parents, who are now at the age where most folks are confused about a simple tv remote, are both proficient Ipad users and are both active Facebook users(they have a lot of time on their hands).

So here's where we make a hard right, 92-degree turn(Squirrel!). Both my parents were educators, and now that they have discovered the wide world of Facebook, they love posting about all the grammar stuff out there(my Dad likes, so when I say my love of the written/spoken word comes honestly, you can understand. Ok, now the real reason why I asked you all here.

Here's another hard right turn(Cat!) I told my wife the other day that my fellow employees asked about our dog, Rikki, and that they remembered his full name, Rikki Tikki Tavi. Yeah, I was surprised they remembered, and I told them that Rikki would be flattered. Ok, yes, we talk about him like he's human, cause he thinks he is, and even though he's just a Papillon, he is, in fact, more human than many people I've met. I asked my wife why she gave him that name. Her first answer made sense - she loved the Rudyard Kipling story as a kid and she really likes the name. Her second answer made me laugh - she likes saying it, and it feels good.

Ok, I understand liking to say a particular word or phrase(see previous random paragraphs), some are fun, funny or just weird( I love saying platypus, don't know why, just do). BTW, see how I'm tying it all together? But here's why I laughed. She said it felt good saying it; I mean, physically felt good. I said what?!

She said, there are some words and phrases that feel good to my tongue and mouth when I say them. What?! Ok, people, please help me out here - is this a thing? Do any of you know what she's talking about? Or is she just toying with my head? If it's a thing, it's 1 of the funniest things I've heard, so please share. If it's not a thing, she got me. Ok, later, gotta go, I am now retiring to my room to read my Thesauarus.

Jaggy Jeff

P.S. Rikki Tikki Tavi (the man-dog, not the mongoose), contributed to this story(Squirrel! Cat!)

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