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But I Do Like My Vacuum Robot, We Call Her Flo

So I've been gone for a few days - celebrated our anniversary with my lovely wife, relaxed, reformatted, rebooted - which means I did not have time to get to a full-blown podcast this week.

But here's what I'm working on for next week.

This whole AI (Artificial Intelligence) thing has me intrigued.

I saw the other day where a woman was celebrating her 106th birthday. Can you imagine what she's seen in her lifetime? Then it starts making me think what I've seen in my lifetime, and it's mind-boggling; mostly because of technology.

Now, just when I thought we couldn't get much bigger, better, faster - along comes AI that is not only smarter than us, but can outwit, outwork, outmaneuver, and even shows a better understanding of deeper cognitive processes than us.

No, I'm not worried about General Terminator leading a robot army to kill us off - I'm worried about a little computer processor in my watch that can take over entire systems.

Until next week, I leave you with that happy thought. :) Cheers, Jaggy Jeff®

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