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A Job Is A Job Is A Job...Oh My!

"Do what you love!" "Get a job that you love and is rewarding!" "Life is too short to work at a job you don't like."

So this is what you see and read on social media all the time. You know how good that sounds? And you know how unrealistic that is?

Sure, everyone would like to find the perfect job where they would be happy to go to work every day, be fulfilled and stress-free. Where, if that job was a person, you could look it in the eye (I think it would just have 1 eye) and say "You, complete, me."

But while you're searching for that 'perfect' job, life happens; like rent, groceries, utility bills, medical bills, family, kids, unforeseen circumstances, etc. So inevitably, most of us end up working at a job that's less than ideal so we can, exist.

Yes, I have worked at a few jobs that were not my choice; most of the time I needed a job to support my family. But there was 1 job that I loved, and I'm going to tell you about it in my podcast, "What Would Jaggy Jeff® Say?" this Friday, March 31. Wherever podcasts can be found.

Have a great week, everybody! #JaggyJeff #NeverNotWorking

P.S. I am 25 friends away from 1,000 on my Facebook page! Please, send me a friend request; if you're real, I'll take you!

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