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A Brush With Greatness

I'm as excited as anybody about today, KC Chiefs in the Super Bowl again is almost surreal to me. I've been a fan for a long time, heck I remember watching Len Dawson play for Hank Stram.

I played sports all the way through High School, but football's always been my favorite. I was even fortunate enough to play on a college intramural football team.

So when I was thinking about this day, and the Chiefs, I remembered my brush with greatness for a week, starting this day in 2013.

As Director of the Performing Arts Series at UCM, I was lucky enough to meet some of the icons of the performing arts, so you can imagine my excitement when I picked up stage, theatre and film veteran actor John Amos(who also played for the KC Chiefs!) at the airport to kick off a week of residency in Warrensburg on February 7.

He was a great guy, so gracious and down-to-earth, and we had a fun, full week, including going to KC for the morning show on KCTV5, hosting an acting session with UCM Theater, talking to the Africana Studies class on campus, and ending with a presentation of his 1-man play, "Halley's Comet", along with an ABC Choir performance at Hendricks Hall.

John and I did a lot that week, we drove around town quite a bit, and I'll never forget when he asked me to try to get Len Dawson's phone # so he could touch base. (They played together). I was able to get Len's home phone #, and I sat in the car with John while the 2 talked about old times, and I was like, ok, this is cool.

Yes, that's when I loved my job, and was so lucky to be able to call one of my favorite actors and persons, my friend for a week.

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